The manga industry has been making a massive shift from print to digital, but digital piracy is very common and the cost of legal manga streaming is high. As a new player in the manga space, Mangamo sought out to provide the highest quality reading experience at an affordable price using a subscription model.

During the creative process, our main objective was to make the reading experience feel completely natural and personal to the user. We designed multiple view layouts, scroll navigations, filtering and sorting options, as well as options to save, add and reread titles or chapters.

Because people generally use mobile reading apps intermittently, it was important that users be able to easily jump in and out of their manga. We ensured that Mangamo could adapt with the user: with the Profile page and History tab, users can watch their library populate and update over time.

We combined the functionality of the UX process with the bold visual design of the brand. At the end of the design process, we contributed to the development of the app for a limited beta launch.